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OnlyFans is the #1 cash flow opportunity in 2023. There is no other business that offers the earnings potential, minimal capital requirements, recurring income and no requirements for stock or complex logistics.

Learn the strategies we use to scale our models to $2,000/day.

What's included?

  • Private Invite Only Telegram Group with direct access to myself and other OnlyFans Agency Owners
  • Database for managing girls + content
  • Automation sequences for promoting girls and automating basic processes
  • Recruitment strategy for new girls
  • Acquisition channels for bringing on clients to OnlyFans
  • How to layout OnlyFans funnels
  • Psychology and dynamics of how to make more money
  • Where you should hire staff
  • Recommended tools/resources and workflows
  • Sales and upsell strategy to maximise revenue
  • Legal Contract to sign your models and protect you
  • Guide to receive payouts from OnlyFans
  • Guide to work with models in countries not supported by OnlyFans
  • Access to our Telegram Mastermind Group with agency owners at various stages of the OnlyFans agency lifecycle from hiring first models, to models doing $50k+/month

By the end of the course, you will have all of the knowledge of the marketing channels used to scale models to $60,000+ per month as well as access to myself, and all the other OnlyFans Agency Owners.

01 - Table of contents

Get a look at all of the content included in the course

I'm going to show you everything you need to know to start a 6 Figure Agency from head to toe, including:

Module #1: Getting started

  1. Introduction to OnlyFans
  2. Telegram Group Invitation

Module #2: Recruitment

  1. Best type of Models to work with
  2. Model Recruitment Script
  3. Real Life Recruitment through contacts and dating
  4. Acquiring Models

Module #3: Building an Agency Tips & Lessons

  1. How to work with OnlyFans Models in unsupported countries
  2. How to receive OnlyFans Payouts

Module #4: Marketing & Promotion

  1. Marketing Introduction
  2. How do Social Media Algorithms work
  3. Livestreaming FAQs
  4. TikTok Phone Setup
  5. TikTok Account Creation
  6. TikTok Live Strategy
  7. Instagram FAQs
  8. Instagram Account Setup + Mother SlaveTinder FAQs
  9. Tinder Account Creation Strategy
  10. Tinder Browser Automation
  11. Bumble Account Creation
  12. Bumble Strategy
  13. Bumble Auto Swiper
  14. Complete Guide to Reddit
  15. Technical, Phone and Proxy FAQs

Module #5: Profile Setup

  1. Creating your Profile
  2. OnlyFans Customer Mentality

Module #6: Sales & Monetization

  1. Creating Urgency on your Page
  2. Sexting Sequence
  3. Chatting FAQs

Module #7: Tools

  1. Proxies & VPNs
  2. Supercreator
  3. General Tips
  4. How to build a Instagram + TikTok Scraper
  5. TikTok Unique Content generator

Module #8: Growing your Agency

  1. $0 - 1k/month
  2. $1k -10k/month
  3. $10k - 25k/month
  4. $25k - 50k/month
  5. $50k - 80k+/month

Module #9: Resources

  1. Airtable Database
  2. 2,700+ NSFW Reddits
  3. 50,000+ OnlyFans Creators URLs
  4. 3,500+ OnlyFans TikTok Creators Database
  5. 100+ Reusable Recruitment Conversation Screenshots
  6. Sexting Script Template
  7. Tinder Duplicate Image/Metadata Workflow

Future Modules

  1. Recruiting on Social Media
  1. TikTok Republishing Strategy
  2. Instagram Shoutouts
  3. OnlyFans Profile Creation
  4. Profile Setup + Welcome Messages
  5. Notion Agency Management Database
  6. TikTok Targeting System
  7. Twitter Marketing Strategy


“I was able to sign my first two models in the first week using the strategies in the course. Looking forward to what's to come!”

Jackson Martin - Front-End Developer

02 - Screencasts

The complete A - Z walkthrough from $0 - $100,000/month with your OnlyFans Models

Watch the complete OnlyFans Lifecycle from Model Acquisition, to setting up the profile through to growing a profile to $60,000/month in recurring income.

  • Profile Setup
    Step-by-step walkthrough of Model Acquisition, Profile Setup and Optimization.
  • Recruitment
    Learn how to qualify Models before hiring them, and to package the perfect offering that they can't refuse.
  • Marketing Strategies
    Discover proven growth strategies including Tinder, Dating Apps, Reddit, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and more.
  • $2,000/day in 9 days
    Learn how to scale an account from $0 - $2000/day in income in less than 10 days.


“Couldn't be happier with The OnlyFans Masterclass. I already had a (somewhat) successful agency clearing $10k/mo with 5 models. Since joining The OnlyFans Masterclass, I've not only signed more clients, but I've used strategies in the course to double my current model's income. I'm now making $20k/mo and ready to get to the next level!”

Eric Stafford - Course Student and Agency Owner

03 - Resources

Knowledge is only half the battle, we also equip you with the Tools, Resources and Processes you need to build an OnlyFans Empire

Scripts, Workflows, Databases, Contracts, Screenshots and our OnlyFans Private Telegram all come included in your course.

  • OnlyFans Promo Datasets
    We provide complete Databases of 50,000+ OnlyFans Creators, 3,000+ TikTok OF Creators and 2,700+ Adult Subreddits for you to promote in.
  • Agency Management Dashboard
    Complete Google Sheets Dashboard with workflows built to help you manage and scale your agency.
  • Private Telegram
    Collaboration is key! Access our Invite Only Private Telegram Group of OnlyFans Agency Owners & Creators.

V2 Course Released

V2 of the course has been successfully published, all existing course members and new purchases receive access to V1 & V2 of the course.

8 Exclusive Documents Package

Get immediate access to a package of 8 exclusive documents including:

  • Instagram Posting Schedule Stories + Posts Template (7-Day Strategy To Maximize Reach)
  • Exclusive Copy + Paste Winning Instagram DM Scripts
  • OnlyFans Content Ideas Template (70 Fresh Ideas That Actually Work)
  • OnlyFans Example Posting Schedule Template (What A Top .01% Model’s Month Looks Like)
  • OnlyFans Model Call Questions Examples
  • 86-Point OnlyFans Audit Template
  • 7-Day TikTok Content Template
  • Upwork Job Posting Templates

We break it down for you by folders so you can access the part that interests you the most. Take advantage today as it is currently not available anywhere else.

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